About Us

We are preparing a new website, from here you will be able to obtain virtually any type of ebook you would like, we currently have a catalogue of over 200,000 titles. The big difference being that this site will allow you to buy a title once and download the file into virtually any format.

Formats will include;


Microsoft word format, e-Pub.

Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Bebook, iPad, iPhone, Pc.

As more and more formats take hold, we will introduce these into the system.

We have a simply pricing structure in place, every download is simply 69p.

We are also going to have repair manuals, service manuals, story books, factual books, plus many more.

So why not try one for free, click the link below.

101 Romantic Ideas - Have this one free on us - click here


We supply these ebooks / pdfs / etc as a guide only, if you are unsure or in any doubt you should consult / employ a qualified person for the task. We accept no responsibility in anyway whatsoever, for injury, damage, death or liability for any information printed which may be incorrect or in breach of currently legal requirements (eg: requirement of registered gas fitter to install or electrical saftery certificates)

You Accept these terms and agree to indemnify us agasint all possible legal action.